Oregon White Oak


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Oregon White Oak


Oregon White Oak is found is a wide range of coastal, mountain and interior regions of Washington, Oregon, and northern California.  It is a slow-growth species that requires an abundance of sunlight.  Mature trees seldom exceed 70' in height or 30" dbh.  Sawtimber measures over 17" dbh and accounts for 33% of growing stock volume which is estimated at nearly one billion cubic feet.

With a grayish brown to dark brown heartwood that has a high natural resistance to decay, and sapwood that is almost white, Oregon White Oak features a distinctive two-tone, straight grain pattern.  It is used for fine furniture, cabinet facings, veneer, pallets and is chipped for paper manufacturing.

A superior wood for machining.  Oregon White Oak is the heaviest, densest and hardest commercial wood growing in the Pacific Coast region.  Although somewhat brittle, it rates excellent in nail and screw holding strength.

Random length is generally limited 10' with width to 10" and thickness of 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, and some 6/4.  Available is S2S, and custom millwork in S4S, cut stock, dimension stock.  Graded by western hardwood rules published in the NHLA grade rule book.